A Bit About Us

IPW employs an American native speaking director connected to the US Embassy, as well as international teachers and assistants, all are local hires. IPW has art, music, drama, dance and gymnastics classes as a part of the curriculum. All classes are taught in Angielski, Following an American curriculum.

We are a cohesive, close, and friendly team of professionals who are committed to providing a fun, safe, nurturing and positive learning environment for our students. IPW is a non-profit education foundation located in the Mokotów district of Poland.



What makes the International Preschool of Warsaw “international”?

The International Association of School Librarianship, at their 2009 conference in Italy, to outline a list of criteria for a school to be described as an international school. They noted that although all international schools may not meet all criteria, a majority of the eight specified criteria should be met. Here at IPW we:

1. Transferability of students’ education across international preschools
2. A moving population (higher than in national public schools)
3. Multinational and multilingual student body
4. An international American curriculum, but with the age of our preschool ending at kindergarten we do not follow PYP
5. A transient and multinational teacher/director population
7. Non-selective student enrollment
8. Usually English or bi-lingual as the language of instruction (we are English speaking instruction)


Our non-profit school, an education foundation here in Poland, has a curriculum focusing on global citizens. We teach international culture, history and perspectives, and those hallmark features also make it international. We have amazing community synergy, we collaborate as a team to include our Board of Trustees and have strong cohesion. We strive to grow and develop kids to be global citizens through an inquiry model. We strive to have strong communication through weekly Friday Parent Notes, detailed website and photo journaling on Facebook and are committed to our families. We inspire the love of learning and international-mindedness.

At IPW students learn there is a big international world and there is more than just their own country and culture. In 2016, IPW began service learning at an age appropriate level and has networked with Family for Family and the Warsaw Volunteer Mission.



Who are our students?

Students are the children or dependents of employees of international businesses, international organizations, foreign embassies, NGO’s, missions, or missionary programs. In addition to the children of expatriates, IPW has local students from the host country attending. IPW is a premier private preschool with a stimulating and engaging environment.